Awards & Honors

Saddlebred Trophies & Awards

John Snively Memorial TrophyDonated by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler, Sr. for 5 Gaited Championship

“Flight’s Truly Fair” Perpetual TrophyDonated by Muff Clark Purvis for 3 Gaited Championship

J.D. Massey Perpetual TrophyDonated by Chris Thompson for Fine Harness Championship

Johnny Wellington Memorial Perpetual TrophyGiven in loving memory of Johnny by the
Drowning Creek Farm “Family”
for Roadster Horse Championship

“Lookin’ Up” Perpetual TrophyDonated by Susan F. Harris for 5 Gaited Amateur Stake

J.W. Dailey Perpetual TrophyDonated by Mrs. Lynn Brennan for 3 Gaited Amateur Stake

Charles B. Austell Memorial TrophyDonated by Mrs. Adelaide Austell Craver for Open Roadster Pony Championship

A’Muse Me Challenge TrophyDonated by the Michael Gordon Family for Junior Exhibitor 5 Gaited Stake

Joan P. Whitesides Memorial Perpetual TrophyGiven in loving memory by her Friends for Show Pleasure Driving Championship

CH Callaway’s No Problem Perpetual TrophyDonated by Jean Myers for 5 Gaited Adult Show Pleasure Championship

Three Gaited Pony Championship Perpetual TrophyGiven in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Craver, Jr. Given by Rita Wiseman for Three Gaited Pony Championship

Camp Crestridge Perpetual TrophyDonated by Pat Borders for 3 Gaited Adult Show Pleasure Championship

“Switchboard” Perpetual TrophyDonated by Dr. and Mrs. John Tye for 3 Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Championship

Jimmy Glidewell Memorial TrophyDonated by friends of Jimmy Glidewell for Saddle Seat Equitation Championship

Dude’s Phantom Memorial Perpetual TrophyAnonymous Donor for Amateur Roadster Pony Championship

“Butterfly” Memorial Perpetual TrophyDonated by Rick Coker Family for Adult Country Pleasure Championship

Horace J. Isenhower, SrDonated by Tabor Family in Honor of Horace J. Isenhower, Sr for Country Pleasure Driving Championship

The Jewel Star Perpetual Trophy
Donated by Rebekah Cloninger for 5 Gaited Pony Championship

Scott Horton Perpetual Memorial Challenge Trophy – for Leadline Class

Stephens College Junior Rider ChampionshipPresented by Stephens College and Caroline Shepard A $1,500.00 Scholarship to Stephens College will be awarded to the female rider who accumulates the most points in the Juvenile Three Gaited division. The Scholarship can only be used by an entering Freshman.

Hunter & Jumper Trophies & Awards

L. P. Tate Perpetual TrophyDonated by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler for L.P. Tate Jumper Classic

Russell Hall Memorial TrophyDonated by Friends of Russell Hall for Russell Hall Memorial Jumper Classic

Spin The Night Challenge TrophyDonated by Rick Coker for Leading Money Winner Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper

Kathryn G. Clark Memorial TrophyDonated by her family for Challenge of Champions Hunter Classic

Sallie Busch Wheeler Memorial Trophy
Donated by B.J. Meeks and Pablo Perez fpr Leading Hunter Trainer

Ronnie W. Mutch Memorial TrophyDonated by Friends of Ronnie for Leading Hunter Rider

Jennifer Cox Memorial TrophyDonated by her friends who wish to remember and pay
tribute to Jennifer’s dedication and horsemanship.
For Leading Junior Rider accumulating most points in Junior and/or Pony Hunter Divisions.

Roger Young Memorial TrophyDonated by Judy and Gary Young for Grand Champion Conformation Hunter

The Nashville Gent TrophyDonated By Stephanie Wallace in loving memory of “Otto” for Grand Champion Regular Working Hunter

The Casallo TrophyDonated by Erin McGuire for Grand Champion Large Junior Hunter

The Elizabeth Crockett Luczak Perpetual TrophyDonated by Missy, Liz and Ki Luczak in loving memory of their mother for Grand Champion Small Junior Hunter

The Lyrik TrophyDonated by Mr. Bill Schaub for Overall Grand Junior Hunter Champion

Farnley Rutile Perpetual TrophyDonated by Frank, Vivian and Caroline Willard for Grand Champion Pony Hunter

Mystery Man TrophyDonated by Missy McCutcheon for Grand Champion Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3”

The Que Sera TrophyDonated by R. Bruce Duchossois for Grand Champion Adult Amateur Hunter

Jeanne V. Merritt Memorial TrophyDonated in loving memory by her family for Grand Champion Children’s Hunter

Sallie Busch Wheeler Memorial Sportsmanship TrophyDonated by Wayne Lowery for Sportsmanship Award

Bernard Larocque Perpetual TrophyDonated by his friends to honor his attention to
detail and great horsemanship
for Style Award

Cymraeg Rain Beau Memorial TrophyPresented by Carol Lyon Barber for Best Child Rider on a Pony (Week I)

Evelyn O. Faulkner Perpetual TrophyDonated by Sandra Butterworth for Best Child Rider on a Pony (Week II)

Joan Ellis Goodwin Memorial TrophyDonated by Deborah Day for Best Child Rider on a Horse (Week I)

Bill Dailey Perpetual Memorial Trophy – for Best Child Rider on a Horse (week II)

The Blowing Rock Childrens Jumper Classic TrophyDonated by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Griese for Children’s Jumper Classic (Week II)

The Diane Ward Memorial TrophyDonated by Neill and Chip Sites for International Hunter Derby

Januarys Best TrophyDonated by Peter Pletcher for Grand Champion First Year Green Working Hunter

Lucky One TrophyDonated by Lily Hahn for Grand Champion Jr/AO Jumper

Margaret Cameron Edge TrophyDonated by her friends for Grand Champion Pre Green Hunter

Devine TrophyDonated by the Mateo Family for Grand Champion Pre-Children’s Hunter

Jack Daniel Cup TrophyDonated by Erin McGuire and Kaitlin Porath for Grand Champion Amateur Owner Hunter, 18-35

Marie M. Reynolds Challenge TrophyDonated By Tommy Walters and Cecile Ebert for Grand Champion Amateur Owner Hunter, 36 and over

Mrs. R.J. Reynolds, III Memorial TrophyDonated by the Board of BRCHSF, Inc for
Grand Champion Amateur Owner Hunter

Boy oh Boy Memorial TrophyDonated by Amanda Hood for Grand Champion Adult Amateur Jumper